inCruises International is an invitation only travel club that provides members the opportunity to save money on cruises around the world. inCruises helps make cruise travel more accessible and available to individuals and families. It is an invitation only travel membership club that helps people save on cruises. Members can also make extra income by getting other people involved as members.

inCruises Product:

InCruises is easy to explain because they have ONE product: Cruise Monthly membership InCruises Product = $100/month Cruise Membership For that amount of cash, you get access to Cruise discounts and double that in cruise cash. So if you pay your $100, you get $200 in Cruise Dollars. The Cruise Cash (Cruise bucks or Cruise Dollars) are then put towards a cruised that you book with the InCruises Website. (Actually you book through the World Travel Holdings site) The options are:
  • Dream Cruises – Of which they plan on having six this year. They also allow you to buy the cruise with 100% cruise bucks for an Executive Dream Cruise.
  • Global Destination Cruises – These are global cruises that allow you to use 50% of your cruise bucks to the costs.
(I wonder if this is just a guy sitting behind a desk that decided to grow a mlm off of the free sites you can use to plan a vacation or a cruise…) World Travel Holdings is the company that actually provides the booking engine website for the InCruises Travel plans. When you join, you have access to their superior (so they say) customer service that answers the phones and makes the calls and completes the bookings. Some Rules:
  • You can only book AFTER you had paid $300 (three months).
  • There are no contracts.

How can InCruise offer the lowest cruising prices?

InCruises purchases group bookings. Because of doing this, they can lower the price lower than most singletons who want to book a cruise.

What do the Incruise Cruises cost?

Here are some examples from the Incruises video:
  • A 7 night cruise for 2 usually costs $1598. The lowest price you can find is around $1300.
    • Through Incruises, you can go for NOTHING after you complete 12 months after joining the InCruise opportunity.
    • So that’s actually $1200.
    • It’s a Dream Cruise
  • A 7 night Cruise for 2 through Europe (Denmark to France) usually costs $3200. The lowest rate is $1,718.
    • Your InCruise Opportunity allows you to pay just $1218 plus some Cruise Dollars that you have saved.
So, if you’re paying attention, you can see that this is just a Savings Account for Cruises which allows you to gain an advantage in the pricing of cruises.  

How do you market Incruises MLM?

Incruises recommends that you start with facebook, google and any other lists that you already have.  You get started with 5 invitations and as each person joins, you get an additional 5 but only if your invitation is accepted and someone registers. You get a personal referral (affiliate) link to give to people. You can also use their Facebook Marketing Tool (Pay for ads…) You don’t need to have invitations to get people to join. You can  just use your affiliate link to send out mass emails to your family and friends.  

InCruise Review – The Compensation Plan

I wasn’t able to locate a full copy of the plan because it’s “still being reviewed”, but here is a run down of what the InCruise Compensation plan sounds like it will be after watching the InCruises webinar. The InCruise Compensation Plan was approved by a top law firm according to Michael Hutchison. Here’s what you get:
  • New Membership Sales Bonus for the InCruises affiliates at the tune of 33% commission!
  • You can earn up to 30 to 50% payout depending on your rank.
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Coaching Bonuses for building large teams
  • Leadership Bonuses between $500 to $30,000/month
  • After you get FIVE people, you start to earn the residuals….(remember Beachbody..ugh)
  • revenue-sharing (5% of InCruise’s company volume for top earners)
  • Once you have 50 people on your team you get a $500 a month bonus (They call it the car bonus but you don’t have to buy a car)
Straight from the owner: “The money is in the residual commissions” It’s simple to make a million dollars.   When you have 5K on your team…He will pay you $30,000 bonus dollars a month. Take that plus your residuals, you get close to $55K a month and then you also get the 5% company share. This gets to nearly $80K/month.  

Incruises Membership Review – Partner Costs

Affiliate membership with InCruises is $195 and then $95 annually. This purchases lessons to walk you through the marketing tools.

What does InCruises say is the reason that they are a better mlm?

  • ­They bring the lowest price to cruising
  • Low entry fee for this business opportunity compared to a typical opportunity.
  • Easy Sell because FUN and TRAVEL is what they do.
  • No Inventory
  • High Retention – They claim people will continue to pay for this.
Like most mlms they:
  • Offer personal development
  • Happiness is a given
  • Attract Giving, Honest and Caring Leader
  • Develop the whole person (they really really care about you….like all mlms)